Hi, I am a self-taught photographer and had started my full-time job on Photography since 2014.

Similar to many other photographers, I started my photography journey as a hobby and by time my love for it grown. Taking photos fed up my hunger for creativity and push me a lot to study more. As time passed, I am now able to educate people to take good photo and love to discuss my vision with people.

Artist’s Statement:

Started as a computer photo-graphic person at the time I lacked of skills as well as vision to take great photo. Even though there is a growing trend among photographers, which overuse their skills in photo manipulation, turning an ordinary photographs into something people says out loud “wow”, “magical”, “beautiful”, etc. The trend of replacing skies, extensive color toning, detail enhancing through various HDR-like techniques to simulate remarkable lighting conditions  where none existed, too often, without disclosure to the public.

However soon after realizing that not my way, I focused more  and more on expressing my vision through the time waiting on the scene, through the serious investigation of the landscape and uncountable times playing with the light. I consider myself as a photographer – which gets closed to the nature than others, or farther then a graphic artist. Call me a weirdo but I do have strong believe that the beauty is achieved OUT THERE, not from a computer.

If you feel my work get to your mind, and have any inquiry for me, please do not hesitate to get in touch via email: [email protected] or just fill in the form at following:

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